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Among the adopted architectural solutions in terms of ensuring the compliance of the building with energy efficiency requirements, one can single out a high indicator of the compactness of the object. This compactness is ensured by minimizing the perimeter of the enclosing structures with an increased body width - up to 17 m.
The entrance group to the clinic is equipped with thermal curtains and is organized through the vestibule. Entrance doors are equipped with door closers.
As measures to ensure compliance with the established energy efficiency requirements, the adopted architectural solutions include the construction of three-layer facades with the use of building thermal insulation materials with a thermal conductivity coefficient of at least λ = 0.04 W / m2˚C and the use of energy-efficient double-chamber double-glazed windows and valves for ventilation.
In general, in the adopted design solutions, the building as a whole and the polyclinic built into it comply with the requirements of Article 29.384-F3 in terms of compliance with energy efficiency requirements.

The material of the front part of the facades in the form of facing bricks is determined by the design assignment. This decision was largely caused by the desire to solve in one material the building of the street, at the end of which the projected residential building is located.

Brick of three colors was used in the decoration of the facades. The brick is laid out in the form of gradient stretch marks from bottom to top from light to dark on street facades and dark to light on courtyards.
Additionally, there are sectional fillings of gradient levels, emphasizing the multi-level setting of sections along the relief, and enriching the overall compositional solution. Color-tone stretch marks allow to increase the impression of compactness and collectedness of the volume of a residential building from the side of the street (outer radius), and from the side of the yard (inner radius), on the contrary, visually facilitate the volume in its upper part and emphasize its lightness and openness to the sky.
The canopies above the maternity clinic are finished with graphite-colored aluminum composite panels (RAL 7024), which, with their perfectly smooth surface, effectively contrast with the brick.
All window and door structures, as well as the bindings of the glazing of the loggias, are made in the same color.