The multifunctional complex is located in the central part of Rostov-on-Don at the intersection of ul. People's Militia and Voroshilovsky Prospect and leaves its northern facade on the square. Yuri Gagarin.

The construction site has a rectangular shape with a slight difference in relief.

The location of the complex on the designated area is determined by its boundaries, the presence of existing passages, the observance of the necessary distances dictated by fire, sanitary (including insolation) requirements to neighboring buildings.

In the plan, the building has an irregular T-shape, 20 aboveground (including the upper technical) and three underground floors. Most of the latitudinal (northern) part of the complex is occupied by office premises, the meridional building and the southern part of the latitudinal block - the hotel premises. The first three floors of the object are designed as a developed stylobate volume. In the first underground level (-1 floor) there are retail premises, auxiliary and service premises of the hotel; in the second and third (-2 and -3 floors) - a car park for 209 cars.

The entrance to the hotel is organized in the southwest corner of the building under a volume standing on the columns of the third floor, which also blocks the passenger pick-up and drop-off area. On the ground floor of the hotel there is an entrance group with a "reception" area, a lobby bar, hotel boutiques, a block of administrative and auxiliary premises. Part of the foyer has an increased (double height) height. On the second floor of the hotel there is a restaurant with a kitchen and a large conference room (ballroom) with a small preparatory kitchen. Conference rooms with transformable partitions, meeting rooms, a business center, a hall with a "buffet bar" and a preparatory kitchen are located on the third floor.

On the fourth floor, in addition to hotel rooms, there is a complex of premises for a fitness room and a "spa".

"Typical" hotel floors (5-15 floors) are formed by 18 rooms. There is one suite on each floor. Rooms with "VIP" service are located on floors 16-19, among which there are "executive" and "presidential" rooms. The total number of rooms in the hotel is 272.

The entrance to the office premises is located in the northwest corner of the building. On the ground floor there is a spacious double-height lobby. Office premises have independent vertical communications (elevators, stairs) and an independent engineering system.

A separate entrance group, located in the north-eastern part of the building, has retail premises located on the -1 floor. This group is made up of a compact two-story lobby with a staircase, escalators and an elevator connecting the 1st and 1st floors.

The structure of the complex is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame. The facade is made using hinged systems with ventilated insulation. Stained glass systems, composite panels ("Alukobond" type) and large-sized ceramic (terracotta) tiles made using the clay tile technology (made in Germany) are widely used in the decoration of facades.