The site allotted for the construction of a hotel and shopping complex is located in the central part of the city at the intersection of ul. Gorky and Karim Sutyushev. The site has a rectangular shape, without pronounced relief differences. In the northeastern part, there are two interlocked transformer substations intended to be removed from the site.
The first three floors and the underground floor of the 10-storey building are occupied by a shopping center. A grocery supermarket is supposed to be located in the underground floor, and a manufactured goods store, organized on the principle of a "shopping gallery", in the first, second and third floors. Entrance groups to the shopping area are located from the adjacent streets. The first and basement floors of the shopping center are connected by an inclined travelator, the first, second and third floors - by an escalator. All four trading floors are also connected by an elevator designed, in particular, for lifting fire brigades. The lifting capacity of this elevator is 1000 kg, the size of the cabin is 1100x2100 mm, the door width is 900 mm. In the basement floor, in front of the elevator, there is an isolated elevator hall with air pressure in case of fire.
On the side of the courtyard of the building there are three loading rooms equipped with cargo and passenger elevators. One of them serves the hotel, the other - the basement, the third - retail premises located on the 1-3 floors. Evacuation from the second and third floors is carried out via two staircases leading directly to the street. The evacuation from the basement is carried out in the same way. In addition, in the immediate vicinity of the service entrance for store employees, there is a service staircase. The connection with the specified staircase in the basement is carried out through the air-pressurized airlock.

The hotel with 133 rooms, corresponding to the standards of the international brand HAMPTON by HILTON, occupies 5 floors - from the fourth to the eighth.
The apartment is located on the 9th and 10th floor.
The entrance group to the hotel and apartments is organized from the street. Gorky and is close to the corner of the building. It is formed by a common vestibule with automatic sliding doors and two groups of elevators with separate elevator lobbies, one of which serves the hotel, the other - the apartments. There is also a staircase leading to the fourth floor, where the reception is located, and the main part of the hotel's public and service rooms, with exits from which are provided both to the lobby and directly to the street. Rooms are located on the 5-8 floors of the hotel. In addition to the rooms, there is a small fitness room on the 5th floor. On the typical floor of the hotel (6-8 floors) 34 rooms are planned. Most of the rooms are "standard" type with an area of ​​21.6 m2. Most of the rooms of this type are equipped with large (double) beds. Some of the rooms, in accordance with the operator's standards, are interconnected by doors, some have two beds. Also, in the immediate vicinity of the evacuation staircase with air pressure in case of fire, rooms are equipped to accommodate disabled people. In case of fire hazard, on the staircase at the floor level, as a security zone, a place is allocated for placing a disabled person in a wheelchair. The ends of the floor corridors of the hotel and apartments go beyond the main dimensions of the hotel building and form bay windows - a kind of viewing platforms, glazing of which is made from floor to ceiling. The floors of the hotel and apartments are interconnected by two evacuation stairs located at the ends of the L-shaped building. They lead directly outside and their volume is isolated from the retail premises of 1-3 floors. Smoke-freeness of one staircase is solved with the help of air pressure, the other - by passing through the loggia through the air zone. All passenger elevators in the hotel have a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, a cabin size of 1600x1400 mm, a door width of 1100 mm and a speed of 1 m / sec. One of the two main elevators of the hotel is also intended for use by service personnel. For this purpose, it has two doors, one of which opens towards the hotel's floor-by-floor service rooms. This elevator also has a connection with the floors where the apartments are located, which allows the residents of the apartments to use the hotel service (cleaning, ordering at a restaurant, etc.). All passenger-and-freight elevators at the facility have the same dimensions and capacity. All elevator drives are located directly at the top of the elevator shafts, so traditional machine rooms are not required. The prospective supplier of all elevator equipment is OTIS, Gen2 series.

All entrance groups to the building are protected from precipitation by overhangs of the upper floors. An additional visor is provided above the entrance to the hotel. In addition to traditional swing doors, the hotel entrances and main entrances to the shopping center are equipped with automatically opening doors. This solution, in particular, facilitates access to the building for people with limited mobility. The floors of the building are connected by lifts that can be used to lift wheelchair users. The width of the elevator doors in the hotel and apartments is 1.1 m, in the shopping area it is 0.9 m. The elevator stops on the floors and all the rooms located on them are solved without height differences across the floor.

The facades of the building are made as a ventilated facade with facing with slabs of volumetric (terracotta) ceramics of the CN ceramic type in contrasting colors. Most of the facade of the second floor of the shopping center overlooking the street. Karima Sutyusheva, designed as a media facade. Part of the wall above the entrance to the hotel is faced with glazed tiles in blue, which is the hotel brand's signature color. Some of the courtyard facades are finished using the technology of applying polymer plaster tinted to match the tiles on the insulation, which is the outer layer of the wall. The low base is clad in dark gray porcelain stoneware. The drains of the first floor stained glass systems are made of black granite. The upper part of the fence of the operated terrace of the shopping center and hotel is tempered glass. Large-size glazing is made in aluminum stained glass systems. Window filling of hotel rooms and apartments - in metal-plastic profile. Filling - double-glazed windows with energy efficient coating.