Building up on plot No. 1 is formed on a quarterly basis with a clear yard-street division.

In the northern part there is a multi-level garage complex for economy-type houses with an entrance from the northern border of the site. Adjacent to the garage are mid-rise, one-sided, south-facing houses with economy studio apartments. The meridionally located houses with "economy" apartments occupy most of the site No. 1. Forming between themselves a spacious landscaped courtyard space. To the west there is a kindergarten for 240 children. Its territory is adjoined by the playgrounds of the built-in kindergarten into two groups (section 2.18.2 on the GP). The built-in and attached public premises, united by a single external visor and forming a kind of gallery, are oriented to Semyi Shamshin Street. Under the canopy on the western part of the facade, there is a "blank" strip for placing signs. In the southwestern part of plot No. 1 there is a house with business apartments.

Residential buildings with ECONOM-type apartments

18-25 storey buildings with economy type apartments have a sectional structure with 7.8 apartments per floor, assembled into separate blocks of three or four apartments. The layout of the sections has a structure that allows you to change the apartment set of sections during the implementation of the project. So, for example, a part of three-room apartments can be replaced by two one-room apartments, a one-room studio combined with a three-room apartment into a four-room apartment and vice versa. In development of the project assignment, the project offers two-room studios, which logically complement the typological chain: one-room studios - one-room apartments - two-room studios - two-room apartments, etc.

When finishing the facades, it is proposed to use fiber cement slabs, painted over in the mass. The color scheme is monochrome, in combination with fragments of yellow shades, scattered along the facades in the form of sun reflections and glare ("bunnies") and creating the impression of a constantly present sun.

Residential buildings with apartments of the "ECONOM-STUDIO" type

In the northern part of the site, adjacent to the southern side of the multi-level underground and above-ground garage, there are 4,5,6-storey buildings with one-two-room studio apartments facing the corridor. There are 6 to 9 apartments on the block section floor. Most of the "economy" studios are collected in these houses, the operation of which can be carried out as an "apart-hotel" (apartment building). The mid-rise solution of volumes gives a more humanized scale to the courtyard spaces of the complex.


A house of the "business" type, formed from a 15-storey three-section block with apartments of the "business" type and a 10-storey eight-section block with apartments of the "business +" type. A public garden with active landscaping and greening is planned along Nekrasov Street. Living rooms and kitchens are oriented towards it. The bedrooms face the courtyard. Both blocks are united by a two-level underground parking, which raises the level of the courtyard part of the house by 1.8 m relative to the street part and the rest of the inner quarter. This drop, played with the improvement, is the border of the courtyard space of the "business" house. In the plan of the garage there is a "gap", which allows planting this area with large trees.

The layout of the "business" block is based on the traditional sectional layout with 4 apartments per floor. The design and planning solution allows realizing a “free” layout of apartments, including combining the kitchen - dining room - living room in one volume. One of the principles of organizing 3,4-room apartments is the presence of a separate bathroom next to the master bedroom. All apartments of "business" blocks, in addition to glazed loggias, have "French" balconies.

"Business +" was solved according to the original wide-housing scheme with two apartments on the section floor. The staircase and elevator unit has a compact organization with a minimum "exit" to the facade. The latter allows you to maximize the light front to the apartments and, along with the wide body, to increase the economic efficiency of the house due to the high coefficient of usable area (k = 0.90 -0.92) and high linear density. All apartments are bi-directional and have spacious bathrooms and dressing rooms in the master bedroom.

Garbage disposal is organized according to the scheme of collecting waste in household containers located at each section in the garage with subsequent removal by service personnel to the yard waste collection site using a special lift.

The increased compactness of the house and a high coefficient of useful area, can significantly reduce the ratio of the facade area per unit of useful area. The latter makes it economically feasible to use high-quality facade materials - in the proposed solution of volumetric terracotta ceramics in a budget chamberless version. This material was used by the authors of the project in the decoration of the facades of the hotel "DOUBLE TREE dy HILTOH" (Novosibirsk, Chaplygina-Kamenshchikov st.), Which may indicate the status of the material to potential buyers of apartments. The use of this ceramics in the decoration of fragments of the facades of houses of the "ECONOM" type will allow to emphasize the ensemble of buildings.