The organization of the business center is planned to be carried out on the basis of the reconstruction of the five-story building "President-Service", located on the street. Kulneva with a hundred-meter offset from Kutuzovsky Prospekt in close proximity to the third transport ring. The location of the facility at the intersection of transport communications of urban importance in the immediate vicinity of the emerging city business center ("City") is very promising for the location of a business center. The plot is flat, slightly green, rectangular with a total area of 1.4 hectares. The reconstructed building has a rectangular shape of 84 x 54 m with an open courtyard of 24 x 39 m. The structure of the building is a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame with a column pitch of 3, 6 and 9 m; prefabricated floors; external walls - self-supporting brick. The height of the floors is the first two, 3.3 m each, the rest 4 m each. There is a basement under the entire building, including the courtyard.


During the reconstruction, it is planned to build on the building with one floor, attach two blocks 12x18m on the columns from the side oriented to Kutuzovsky Prospekt and cover the atrium with a translucent covering. External walls that do not meet modern thermal engineering requirements are completely dismantled and replaced with modern stained glass systems (such as "Shchuko" or "Reynaers"), which will provide a good level of illumination in rooms with great depth (in some cases up to 12-15m). In addition, it is proposed to use metal panels (such as "Alucobond") in the decoration of facades and, in some (accent) cases, panels of red copper.


It is proposed to dismantle a part of the ceiling above the basement within the boundaries of the atrium, and to organize in the lower part of the atrium a recreational space of the "winter garden" with a decorative pool where you can relax and have a cup of coffee. In this case, it becomes possible to more efficiently use the basement areas outside the atrium.


On the ground floor, the main (front) entrance group is formed with controlled access to the building through the "reception" zone. In addition, from the side of the corner oriented to st. Kulneva - Kutuzovsky Prospect it is possible to organize two (at least) blocks of premises with separate entrances, which can accommodate a bank branch, a communications agency, etc. The atrium space on the first floor overlooks the double-height spaces of the restaurant (cafe) hall and the conference hall. At the dawn of the restaurant, there is a buffet-hall area, which is used for operational meals for conference participants, as well as a banquet hall. In addition, within the first floor, there is the possibility of organizing a bar, a hall for exhibitions and presentations, etc. Part of the double-height space available in the building in the north-western corner is proposed to be used for a sports club with fitness rooms, squash games (the game is very popular in the west among office workers).


The rest of the building's floors are blocks of office space strung on a corridor system. Part of the office space is oriented towards the atrium, where a block of vertical communications is organized using panoramic elevators. In addition, in the atrium opposite the elevator hall, there are “meeting-room” -type premises. The stairs leading to the facades are placed on the basis of regulatory requirements for the length of escape routes. On the fifth floor, from the side of Kutuzovsky Prospekt, there is a terrace that can be used for presentation events.


The external appearance of the building is emphatically modern and progressive, it is based on the ratio of rectangular volumes and strict lines, which, in combination with the use of modern facade materials, gives the object (despite its large size) lightness and elegance. The most plastically worked volumes are oriented towards Kutuzovsky Prospect. The image of the building is intended to evoke associations with the dynamism of business processes in modern Russia.