The specificity of the site allotted for the construction of the hotel and office complex is its relative distance from the red line of the development of the 1st Krasnogvardeisky passage. This, at first glance, "drawback" made it possible to organize a modernly arranged front space in front of the hotel. At the same time, the hotel from the street sidewalks is viewed entirely in its dimensions, and as you approach the building, the front entrance group with a spectacular high portico of the port of kosher comes to the fore, and the massif of the main facade fades into the background. The width of the entrance lobby of the hotel coincides with the same dimensions of the entrance portico of the congress hall. Moreover, both porticos are located strictly opposite each other. Such a technique, along with the similarity of the themes used in the solution of the facades, forms the feeling of a single compositionally and functionally connected complex, despite the fact that the buildings are separated by a street and the hotel is located in a deep courdoner. Moreover, the portico of the congress hall is higher, which, when viewed from the side of the hotel, creates the visual effect of its greater proximity than it actually is. This effect is evident in the presented visualizations from opposite viewpoints - from the hotel to the congress hall and vice versa.

The high-rise building of the hotel rises strictly along the construction line of the City Park residential complex, actually completing with its laconic horizontal volume its composition of silhouette fractional residential groups of variable number of storeys. The laconicism of the horizontal silhouettes of the hotel and the congress hall develop the theme of the extended horizontality of the silhouettes of the exhibition pavilions of the Expocentre, echoing with them with the verticality of the façade divisions. The proposed façade material - dark clinker brick. This material is not used in the City, which is dominated by glass surfaces with small fragments of light curtain facades. This allows the designed ensemble to emphasize its individuality and not get lost against the background of many larger buildings. Traditional, trustworthy material is used on the facades in the form of vertical pylons of different sizes arranged in rhythmically repeating groups, evoking certain associations with the folds of a giant curtain, organ pipes, bunches of Gothic columns, etc. The vertical graphics and the emphasized texture of the bricks effectively contrast with the smooth surfaces of the glass reflecting the sky, which as a whole forms a modern, light, directed upward image of the building. At the same time, in combination with the scale of the volume, the severity of the silhouette solution, the building gives the impression of "capital" and "metropolitan", which, according to the author, corresponds to its significant location in the city and the stylistic preferences of the famous hotel brand.

The office and hotel building is composed as a single volume of two blocks of different heights, but the same height. The hotel with 500 rooms meets the standards of the international brand Double Tree by HILTON.
The spacious kosher port is designed as a high portico and an overhanging volume on the second floor. On the ground floor there is a spacious lobby-foyer with a reception and a lounge bar area. A little in the back is an elevator hall. A wide staircase leading to the second floor separates the foyer in front of a large universal (conferences, banquets) hall. The spacious restaurant hall with high windows, double-height space and a small outdoor terrace is planned to be equipped with an open kitchen area with a convenient bar counter, where a variety of dishes can be prepared in the presence of guests. The breakfast buffet area has a clear spatial localization. On the second floor there is a business area with a set of meeting rooms and a VIP conference hall with a high ceiling. The mezzanine space of the restaurant can be used for organizing a "coffee break". Loading of the hotel is carried out both from the underground level and the first floor. The kitchen is located on the same level with the restaurant hall and a large banquet hall, it has a convenient connection with them and the breakfast area.
On the typical floor of the hotel (3-11 floors) 44 rooms are planned. Most of the rooms are of the "standard" type with an area of about 27 m2. Some of the rooms, in accordance with the operator's standards, are interconnected by doors, and some have two beds. In addition, there are rooms for family accommodation, a room for the disabled and a two-room "suite".

The majority of two-room suites are located on floors 12-15. On the 12th floor there is a two-story executive living room with an open terrace, on the 14th floor there is a SKY bar with panoramic views of the center of Moscow.


The office block has an entrance group formed as a front entrance lobby, oriented towards
opposite sides of the building. The office lobby is linked to the hotel lobby, allowing workers to
offices to use its public infrastructure without going outside.