The layout of the building is formed according to the corridor scheme in two versions: with the placement of a single lift unit and two
groups of elevators.
The corridor is divided into two compartments, separated by closed blind doors in normal operation.
Each compartment has a separate entrance through a glazed door from the light elevator hall (s) and a large window opening
at the end of the corridor.
In both versions, a single entrance group is formed on the ground floor in the form of a spacious lobby with a spectacular
porch, which is quite unusual for buildings of this price category, as well as the presence of two panoramic terraces of a common
use in the 22nd floor level.


The composition of the building's facade is constructed using strict graphic techniques in orthogonal projections.
At the same time, color is present as an independent theme, creating more light than color effects. Warm,
sunny colors and "oblique" angles are perceived by the sun's rays, breaking a single facade surface into
spatial plans with different levels of illumination. This effect is also emphasized by the tonal elaboration of the facade, it is logical
adding "shadows" to "light".


The façade is divided into two tone zones that form two spatial plans. Thanks to this, from distant points it seems that
it is not one house, but two. At the same time, gray looks out from behind white. Such a solution visually facilitates the building when it
perception from distant points, masking its lonely massiveness, aggravated by the absence of a co-scale environment.
A large number of small apartments led to the need to place a large number of
baskets for air conditioners, which create an openwork shell, and a fairly active yellow color used for some of
them, creates the effect of solar "bunnies", facilitating and softening the overall strict decision.
When building the facade, compositional techniques were used that are typical for houses of a higher price category.
The drawing of the facade is laconic, solid and, at the same time, elegant. In this case, a similar effect is achieved by using the
limited set of visual means.