The draft proposal was developed as the first stage of the development of the territory of the publishing house (printing house) "Kommuna".
The project takes into account the fact that the building facing Revolyutsii Avenue (letter A) is a protected object and must be preserved in the current volume (in plan and in height) and facade solution.
The first two floors of the complex are occupied by a shopping center of the "boutique gallery" type. The underground level houses a one-level parking.

The existing arch in the historic building is used as the main passage into the depths of the block, where a well-landscaped chamber square is formed. The main entrance to the shopping center is oriented towards it, as well as the combined entrance group connecting the lobby of the office center with retail premises and a compact cafe-bar. Office premises are located on floors 3-7, the area of which gradually decreases from bottom to top. The roofs of the lower levels are used as maintained landscaped terraces.


The building frame is made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Facades - ventilated with facing with slabs of volumetric terracotta ceramics of the Argeton type (Germany) in contrasting colors. Part of the walls, as well as the entire cladding around window openings, are made of aluminum composite. The two upper floors are entirely stained-glass constructions with volumetric horizontal overlays. The project offers two color options. Option 1, when the main part of the ceramic-faced surfaces is made in anthracite color. Option 2 - in a light tone. The dark color in the facing of the main part of the facades makes the perception of the intra-quarter volume surrounded by brick facades more background, compact and less competitive in relation to the existing intra-quarter buildings. At the same time, a more accent light version can increase the status and attractiveness of the intra-quarter space, the active development of which is expected in the proposal for the renovation of this territory. This can be facilitated by the solution of a part of the facade of the second floor of the shopping center in the form of a media facade.