KAZAN, ST. BAUMAN, D. 27 (house of A.T. Markov) | CONCEPT


The building intended for the hotel is a reconstructed complex of buildings from the second half of the 19th - mid-20th centuries, formed around a compact courtyard, and with through arched passages dividing the first floor into two separate volumes. The object, which is an architectural monument, overlooks the most valuable, historical part of the pedestrian Bauman street leading to the Kazan Kremlin. The building is generally four-storey with a basement and an attic floor. At the same time, the elevations of the floor-by-floor storey floors in its various parts do not coincide in height.

The project envisages the placement of a 73-room hotel under the AC by MARRIOT brand. To organize a full-fledged public space on the first floor, it is proposed to block the inner courtyard-well at the level of the overlap of the second floor with a translucent structure resting on metal columns. This spectacular space houses a two-level foyer. The first level, located at the marks of the entrance group, is the lobby area, from which you can climb the grand staircase to the upper level of the foyer and descend to the basement floor, where there is a small conference room, a fitness room, toilets, a cloakroom and retail space, which have independent entrances from the street. On the upper level there is a lobby: a bar, a restaurant, a lounge area, a hotel reception and a block of retail premises. Service and auxiliary premises located on the first and basement floors are oriented towards the “back yard” from which the object is supposed to be loaded through an auxiliary room located on the opposite side of this yard and connected to Profsoyuznaya Street.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Hotel rooms located on floors 2-5 are arranged in two groups with separate elevators, based on the minimization of altitude differences when moving along the corridor. As a result, in one group of numbers these drops are absent, in the other there is one drop, made in the form of a gentle ramp. On the 3-5th floors of the hotel there are 18 rooms, on the second floor, where two two-room suites are located, there are 17 rooms. On the ground floor there are two rooms, one of which is disabled and the other is connected to it by doors. The maids' room is located in one of the blocks of rooms, in the other there is only a compact storage room for storing trolleys, etc. The heights of the floors differ significantly, being in the range of 3.2 - 4.2 m.

The hotel floors are connected by three evacuation stairs, two of which have direct access to the street, and one to the lobby on the ground floor. At the moment, the possibility of organizing an exit from this staircase also directly to the street is being considered.

Elevators, speed 1.6 m / s, lifting capacity 1000 kg. Connects all floors of the building, including the basement. One of them is also used as a service one. The elevator drives are located directly at the top of the elevator shafts, thus eliminating the need for traditional machine rooms.