The plot allocated for the construction of the hotel is located within the territory of the Irkutsk City business center. To the south of it there is a landscaped park with a monument to the heroes of the Patriotic War. The rather large size of the site and its rectangular shape made it possible to solve the layout of the facility with the placement of almost all public elements of the hotel on the ground floor. At the same time, it was possible to move the volume of the conference room (banquet) beyond the dimensions of the multi-storey volume, which made it possible to solve its covering in a single-span version, freeing its space from the columns, and to increase the height of the room. Hotel rooms are located on floors 2-8. In addition to the rooms, the second floor houses a compact fitness spa complex and office space, and the eighth floor houses a block of executive living rooms. A planning variant ("Option 2") is also proposed, when the fitness spa is also located on the 8th floor.
On the typical floors of the hotel (3-6 floors), 35 rooms are planned. Most of the rooms are of the "standard" type with an area of ​​26.5 m2. Most of the rooms of this type are equipped with large (double) beds. Some of the rooms, in accordance with the operator's standards, are interconnected by doors, some have two beds. Two-room suites are located only on the top two floors. On the 3,4 floors there are two rooms for disabled people.

The hotel floors are interconnected by two evacuation stairs located at the ends of the L-shaped building. They lead directly outside. Passenger elevators in the hotel are formed into a group of three units, have a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, a cabin size of 1600x1400 mm, a door width of 1100 mm and a speed of 1.6 m / sec. The underground parking is connected from the first floor of the hotel using a separate lift. Elevator drives are located directly in the upper part of the elevator shafts, therefore, traditional machine rooms are not required.

The project offers three options for facade solutions. One of them is made entirely of dark brick. Two others - with brick on the ground floor and ventilated facades made of composite materials ("Alukobond" type) on the following. At the same time, in one of these options active red shades are used, in the other calm gray and dark gray, effectively shading the fragments of facades made of natural sheet copper. At the same time, copper panels have additional plastic elaboration, emphasizing the advantages of the material by playing in the sun.