The 25-storey residential building with a built-in kindergarten was designed as part of the first stage of the development of the microdistrict, which, in addition to this building, includes three 25-storey tower-type residential buildings located at the corner of ul. State Farm - Library. The house is located in the northwestern part of the site of the first stage of construction and has its northeastern facade on the street. State farm. The site has a relief with a difference in elevation within two meters, has a small amount of green spaces and is free from buildings.
The volume of a 25-storey residential building is composed of two sections (blocks) of meridional orientation, one of which is T-shaped (section "A" in axes 1-20), the other is linear (section "B" in axes 20-35) ... The building has a variable body width of 14.4 -19.5 m and a length of 83 m.
The height of the first two floors is 3.3 m; 3-18 fl. - 3.1 m; 19-25 floor. - 2.95 m. On the 1-2 floors of the building there are entrances to the residential part of the building with a vestibule group of premises, switchboards, a kindergarten for five groups and office premises.
The building has a technical underground, where the IHP, pumping station, ventilation chambers of the non-residential part of the house are located.

The structural scheme of the building is based on a frame scheme with monolithic reinforced concrete pillars and floor slabs. Overall stability is ensured by the total rigidity of the pylons (longitudinal and transverse) and monolithic walls of the staircase and elevator nodes.

Entrance groups to the residential blocks are located on the side of the courtyard space and have double-height vestibules.
On the residential floors of blocks "A" and "B", 11 apartments each have been designed. In block “B” one-room apartments prevail, in block “A” there are 2- and 3-room apartments. All apartments have storage rooms or built-in wardrobes. The kitchens are planned with the organization of two zones: a working and a dining room. The dining area is located close to the light front and can be connected by an opening to the common room. The bathrooms provide a place for installing washing machines.
Some of the two-room and all three-room apartments are designed using the technique of combining the living room and kitchen in a single space. In this case, the kitchen (kitchen niche) is located in the back of the room and can be separated by a partition. For ease of use, the kitchen area of such apartments provides for the placement of two independent ventilation ducts: one for natural exhaust, the other for connecting a forced exhaust (“umbrella” type) located above the electric stove.
The structural planning scheme of the building allows, if necessary, to change its apartment structure by combining two one-room apartments into three-room apartments, and one- and two-room apartments into three - four-room apartments.
The time of insolation of the facade surface of a residential building, oriented to the north-east, is 3 hours and 20 minutes (from 7.00 to 10.20), which ensures the standard period of insolation of apartments oriented to this facade. During the time of insolation of the facade surface of a residential building, oriented to the south-west in axes 8-34, it is in the range from 6 hours 40 minutes to 5 hours 35 minutes - (from 10.30 - 11.25 to 17.00), which provides a significant excess of the minimum norm of insolation of premises of apartments on this facade. The time of insolation of two living rooms of a three-room apartment oriented to the south-west along axes 6-10 is 2 hours 30 minutes (from 14.30 to 17.00), and 1 hour 30 minutes, and in the living quarters of an apartment in axes 2-6 - more than 3 hours.