The most important factor in the formation of the space-planning structure of the hotel was the location on the site of two architectural monuments: the former residence of the abbot of the cathedral, built in 1897 by the project of academician Yu.O. Dutel (Lenin 9), and the building of the first half of the 19th century, where the station of "free" post offices also stopped the Decembrists returning from Siberian exile (Lenina 11a). In this regard, the main five-story volume of the hotel is shifted into the depth of the site, protruding into the street front with a light, almost completely glazed three-story volume, on the ground floor of which the restaurant is located. Moreover, the protruding volume corresponds in its dimensions to the outbuilding that was lost at the moment, which was part of Lenin's estate 9.

An arch-gate is used as an original entrance element to the hotel, through which, in the century before last, the main entrance to the post station was made, which included the Gostiny Dvor.


Another feature of the site was a noticeable relief drop along its long side. Partly using this difference, it was possible to form a non-standard construction of the public part of the hotel, when its various zones have different heights - one, one and a half, two and three lights. At the same time, a small three-light space visually unites almost all functional areas of the hotel from the conference hall in the underground level of the hotel to the fitness room and rooms located on the second floor.